Koi Villa is more than just an aquatic garden center. It's a koi hobbyist greatest place to shop! 
oi Villa has always offered quality Koi, plants, filtration systems and everything associated with a true koi pond and has over 28 years of experience.
 Having problems or are concerned just stop in and ask Kirk, Gail or Gina. We'll explain it until you understand how to correct your problem whether it's filtration, aeration or a sick fish. (Just don't insult us by taking this info and buying it online and coming back to say ...what can I do now??? When I left I went online and bought it! 


Store Location: 2260 Flat River RD. Coventry, RI 02816 Tel:  401.392.0255 Email: koilady2@aol.com

Start hand Feeding them daily.... it takes about two weeks for them to eat out of your hand!


2260 Flat River Rd. 

Coventry, RI 02816  Tel: 401.392.0255